Planetary Times

05.2018 (In Developoment)

  • Added new attributes section: "Abstraction - Specification"
  • Fixed a slight inaccuracy with moon age/illumination
  • Sorted out remaining bugs from previous version
  • Various fixes & improvements

04.2018 (Latest Release)

  • From now on app state is preserved across sessions (if you would like the old behavior back, uncheck it in app settings; opening the app by clicking on a notification also resets time/date and user to defaults temporarily)
  • Added arrow buttons for moving on to the next/previous date/user immediately (as an alternative to swiping)
  • Fixed an inaccuracy with moon phase/sign due to timezone difference
  • Fixed an issue causing app data occasionally getting deleted on some devices (if it still happens please report)
  • Fixed an issue causing an-ad-a-day feature to malfunction
  • Decreased penalty for having opposite Jungian base qualities
  • Various fixes & improvements

Known Bug: Occasional display of wrong planetary schedule. Quick fix before update is to either select date as "now" again as you enter app or disable "retain app state" in app settings.


  • Added four-way swipe capability to hour/date and user configuration buttons. Swipe on them for switching to next and previous day/hour/user immediately
  • Added phone contacts as suggestions to profile creation
  • Added A-Z fast scroll to profile selection
  • Further increased the significance of gender in attribute calculations
  • Slightly lowered automatic attribute notification threshold
  • Faster profile suggestions when typing a new profile name
  • Fixed grouping of notifications
  • Various fixes & improvements


  • Revamped "User Selection Window" to show profile picture, congruence value and biorhythms data for each user. This change has the following implications:
    • READ_CONTACTS permission is now required for querying profile picture from phone contacts by profile name (automatic)
    • Biorhythms display has been removed from the app header to save space
    • Notice: Shown congruence values are for the selected date/time and location. If some contacts are residing elsewhere, location should be set accordingly (from the button labeled "Here & Now") to show true congruence values for them
  • Added descriptions to attribute notifications (pull-down to show)
  • Added new attributes section: Primal Activities (Love, Light, Power) [very important/useful metric]
  • Smoother profile suggestions; optimized algorithm
  • Slightly increased the significance of gender in attribute calculations
  • Slightly changed "minor arcana" and "jung personalities" calculation
  • More accurate Odd-Even calculation
  • More relevant automatic attribute tracking
  • Improved congruence/compatibility precision
  • Included decans in formula for a more detailed fingerprint calculation in general
  • Notification icon workaround for Xiaomi devices
  • Removed pollfish survey platform (rewarded videos are still in place for an-ad-a-day feature)
  • Various fixes & improvements


  • Added "daily average view" setting to fingerprint options
  • Added new section to attributes: Inception - Technique
  • New setting to show hijri day in moon phase notifications
  • Increased the weight of moon sign in attribute calculations
  • Various fixes & improvements


  • Added new attributes sections: "Carl Jung's Personalities", "Minor Arcana", "Coping Mechanisms", "Action Mechanisms"
  • Added "expand/collapse all", "always show pictures" functionalities to attribute sections
  • Added easy profile removal
  • You can now hide congruence bar to save UI space
  • Background service won't run anymore if you choose to disable notifications.
  • Further decreased memory footprint
  • Several fixes, adjustments, optimizations & enhancements