Always show biorhythm cycles on the status bar

Adds a sticky biorhythms display of the user to the status bar. When enabled, tracked attributes are grouped under this notification (on Android 7+).

Always show current moon phase on the status bar

Adds a sticky moon info display to the status bar. When enabled, sun sign tracking, moon sign tracking, moon phase tracking and transits tracking fall under this notification group (on Android 7+).

Always show current planetary hour on the status bar

Adds a sticky notification showing current planetary hour and its local time interval to the status bar. It doesn't have to be audible; see below.

Notify on time changes

Sends a vocal notification at every planetary hour.

Track moon phase change

Sends a notification when moon is considered in a new phase (out of 8 official phases). For example, moon days 13, 14 and 15 are commonly known roughly as the Full Moon phase. Click/touch on this notification to mark it as read and dismiss.

Track moon/sun sign change

Sends a notification when moon/sun enters a new zodiac sign. Click/touch on this notification to mark it as read and dismiss.

Track planetary transits

Sends a notification when transiting moon/sun aspects the default user's natal moon/sun. Only major aspects are watched for and the orb is 5 degrees. Click/touch on this notification to mark it as read and dismiss.

Track congruence

Sends a notification at every planetary hour showing current congruence of the selected user.

Track birthdays of phone contacts

Matches your phone contacts with the names of people in your local profile database and sends a notification on their birthday. Click/touch on this notification to mark it as read and dismiss.

Attribute tracking level

Allows you to set manual attribute tracking sensitivity. Clicking on an attribute will take you to the app's fingerprint tab.

Always notify important attribute changes

Automatically tracks attributes and compares them with the default user's natal values and notifies if there is a significant increase. These are shown along with the Overtaking keyword.

Skip notifications and alerts during quiet hours

Allows you to define quiet hours when you won't be disturbed by this app. Periodic notifications are still sent, but they are mute. Alternatively, you can use your phone's own settings or another app for having this functionality system-wise.

Vibrate on notifications and alerts

Allows you to toggle vibration for older Android devices. Android 8+ users control vibration of an individual app through notification controls in system settings.

User Interface

Fetch and display photos of contacts

Matches your phone contacts with the names of people in your local profile database and displays their photo instead of a dummy contact icon when available.

Show congruence bar at bottom

Adds a footer showing congruence of the selected user.

Show quick selection arrows

Lets you enable/disable arrow buttons on user selection and date/location selection buttons.

Enable clicking on tab icons

Lets you enable/disable direct tab navigation by clicking. You may want to disable this when you are having trouble with unintentional page changes.

Show date and time controls on the profile selection window

Disable this if you would like to open up more space when viewing the profiles list.


Retain app state across sessions

Saves major temporary settings, such as the selected tab, user, date and location, so you can continue where you left-off even after a device restart. Fingerprint settings are independent of this, as they are treated as user preferences and are always saved.

Include contacts/app users/celebrities in profile suggestions

This is for the autocomplete feature when adding a new profile. If a profile's birth data exists on the server, their details will be retrieved by clicking on their corresponding name, so you don't have to enter manually. The geolocation data still needs to be queried, which will be done after you click save on the profile.

Show regarding tasks on hour change

Any tasks you have added belonging to the current planetary hour will popup at the entrance of that hour.

Synchronize alerts with marks

Automatically adds alerts for marks present.


When battery is critical shut down background service

Saves battery while disabling all notifications and alerts temporarily until the device recovers from the low power state.

Ignore battery optimizations and use punctual notifications

If you are experiencing notification related issues out of nowhere, this may be the solution you need. It is a shortcut to the device settings for adding this app to the battery white-list. Note that enabling this won't make every single notification exact to the minute; that is not allowed by the Android operating system unless this is an alarm clock, which it is not. Instead, all notifications and alerts will be delivered in a 9 minute window; at the exact minute if possible (most of the time).


Prefer tropical zodiac

Shows tropical zodiac signs instead of sidereal. There is a 24 degrees (almost one zodiac sign) difference between the two systems currently. App internally uses sidereal system for all calculations. However, because people are used to seeing the tropical sign, it is left as an option. It is merely enabled by default to prevent "shows wrong zodiac sign" kind of reviews.

Apply natal normalization to congruence

This option makes the app take 'expected comfort level' and 'subjective response' into account when calculating congruence. Therefore, people with high natal congruence get a penalty, and people with low natal congruence get a boost. Disable to get raw and absolute congruence instead.

Include altitude in calculations

Adds altitude into the sunrise/sunset calculation equation to improve precision. Altitude queries use credits. If you are watching the planetary clock closely, you will want to enable this for the local location at least, unless you are residing very close to the sea level.

Use a calculation offset

Alters sunrise/sunset calculation by adding/subtracting a fixed number of minutes. You most likely don't need this.