System Requirements

Planetary Times


  • Android 4.2+ is required, 5+ is recommended, 7+ is great. App will behave differently depending on Android version.
  • Your phone or tablet must have the date/time and timezone settings set up correctly. Make sure your device reflects actual Daylight Saving Time setting effective in where you stay.
  • Permissions:
    • This app needs to know your estimate location to function. GPS accuracy is not necessary.
    • Internet access is required for a variety of features, including but not limited to: address to coordinates translation, timezone and DST checks, accessing online profile database etc...
    • Misc features may ask for additional permissions.
  • A unicode font set as system default to display symbols correctly.
  • Minimum supported device width in DP is 320; screen elements may not fit otherwise (rotating the phone may help).
  • A valid and up-to-date Google Play Services which is allowed to run in the background. If you don't have Google Play installed on your device, you may get it from here.
  • If you are residing in China, you will need a VPN service to get through The Great Firewall.
  • Arctic regions where the concepts of day and night start to disappear (≈70+ latitude) are not supported.
Custom ROMs and setups often cause problems if Google Play is not installed properly.