Daily Planetary Schedule

This astrology application calculates true daily/nightly time intervals from sunrise/sunset and helps you keep track of planetary (star) hours. It is meant for making the best use of time, and also understanding self, environment and relations in real time as well as in general.

Planetary hours calculation is an ancient astrological method to find out what is favorable for the current time being and what is not. App shows which of the seven traditional planets (stars) of the zodiac is ruling the moment. Ruling planet and attributes of choice can be constantly watched via notifications.

Until lately, before making Planetary Times app my top priority I was following a multi-app approach. Although I wasn't developing these apps anymore, I had left them at the Play Store as some of them were pretty unique. That was before Google started taking them down one by one without prior notice, citing me their "deceptive-ad" policy with a photo attachment pointing out the "thereisonlywe" button at the app header. I told them: "Of course I will take my users to my other apps inside the Google Play store if they are willing. This cannot be called a "deceptive ad". It is not an ad in the first place, it is a function to view apps by the same developer." But good luck explaining your situation to Google's bots. That's right, you don't get to speak with a person if you are not speaking on behalf of a billion-dollar software company. Instead, Google (the bot?) wanted me to publish another version, without the "ad". I do not need to tell you how much work it was going to take, considering they are old and not up to Play Store's recent requirements. And most important of all, I do not want to shift my attention away from Planetary Times at this point. In the end, I decided it was not worth it, and didn't want Google to auto-ban my developer account for this simple reason either, so instead of waiting for all of them to be taken down, I removed the rest myself. They are here if you need them.